With great success the International Workshop on Chagas, Leishmaniasis and Toxoplasmosis was held at the UCAMI

More than 270 participants from different parts of the world were part of the workshop, in which the latest scientific advances, the State of the Art, trends and global challenges on these three tropical diseases were shared.

The International Workshop, “International Cooperation for Sustainability Science in the Field of Biomedicine”, open and free to the attending public, took place from February 27th to March 3rd 2017 in the premises of the university campus “Monsignor Jorge Kemerer”

During the morning, the general public interested in any of the topics addressed in the workshop were be able to participate in conferences in charge of researchers from Germany, The Netherlands, France, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. During the afternoon, the activities consisted mainly in group discussions and the development of projects for scientific cooperation among the experts participating as speakers at the workshop.

The group sessions had the aim to generate joint studies, research projects, surveillance, among others, focusing specifically on tropical diseases, of interest for Argentina in general, and Misiones in particular.

Due to the important number of participants, classrooms were installed to broadcast the presentations live from the main conference room. The interpretation booth, where two professionals performed the work of simultaneous interpretation, was located in the main room.

The Workshop was aimed at Specialists in infectious diseases, General Physicians, Ophthalmologists, Health Professionals related to this field of study, scientists, undergraduate and post-graduate students and the general public interested in tropical diseases.

This scientific event was the result of the collaborative work between the Catholic University of Missions – UCAMI – and the Medical Mission Institute Würzburg, Germany.

These two institutions were the organizers of the “Internationale Zusammenarbeit für nachhaltige Wissenschaft in der Biomedizin” in the framework of the German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) to finance scientific meetings.

The initiative proposed by the Institute and the UCAMI was awarded the first place, after evaluating the hundred proposals presented, a result that has allowed the two organizing institutions to have the financial support of the BMBF to cover part of the costs of the scientific meeting.